Curtain avoid light

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Information of products

Curtains are made by 3 layer so it can avoid light . It can be blocked 100% light. This fabric is usuallly plain and no pattern .There are also curtain that can barry light and we have more choice.

Recently years, There are many building such as apartment, villa, and ofcourse style design need to change in new trend. ;ight is the main factor in each room
The light is focused issues for each room.  Using glass door is the primary choice. But people do not always need so much light, accompanied by radiant heat from the issue window

People need to have the product to adjust the lighting, temperature. There is no better choice is to use products of Tan Hoang Long. These products help regulate fast, convenient and effective measurement of light into or out of the room.

We nonstop to produce new products with many kind of color and style that meet demand of customer.

In Tan Hoang Long, the designers did not stop trying, to learn skills to produce beautiful designs.  Tan Hoang Long always ensures quality, durability, style and color for customers

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